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Trade & Industry Medal is the crowning glory

The Royal Patriotic Society of Sweden will award this year’s Trade & Industry Medals today to 11 businessmen and women. This year’s honorees will be awarded their medals by Maud Olofsson, the Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Energy, during ceremonies in the House of the Nobility in Stockholm

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Bengt Liljedahl, Liljedahl Group, receives Trade & Industry Medal for entrepreneurship

Bengt Liljedahl, owner and founder of the Liljedahl Group, will be awarded the Trade & Industry Medal by the Royal Patriotic Society of Sweden in a formal ceremony to be held in the House of the Nobility on April 15 in recognition of his prominent business accomplishments. The medal will be awarded by Maud Olofsson, Sweden’s Minister for Enterprise and Energy. Keynote speaker at the ceremony will be Professor Ingvar Lundberg.

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