Press release • 15/4/2010

Trade & Industry Medal is the crowning glory

The Royal Patriotic Society of Sweden will award this year’s Trade & Industry Medals today to 11 businessmen and women. This year’s honorees will be awarded their medals by Maud Olofsson, the Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Energy, during ceremonies in the House of the Nobility in Stockholm. Through their successful business pursuits, the medalists have made significant contributions to Swedish enterprise. As the crowning glory for their lifelong efforts, these modern-day patriots will receive the Trade & Industry Medal.

“The Royal Patriotic Society awards the Trade & Industry Medal to sound patriots in the true meaning of the word. They are people who have worked not only for their own personal gain, but also for the betterment of society. In this case, by developing their companies, creating job opportunities and developing Swedish industry. Their willingness to also work on behalf of society is a driving force that grows in significance when recognized and rewarded. Accordingly, the Trade & Industry Medal is an important, symbolic crown on the life-work of the medal recipients,” says Chairman Johan Nordenfalk.

This year’s medalists represent highly diverse business pursuits, and what they have in common is many years of hard work to develop successful business enterprises. In many cases, they have revolutionized their markets, such as H&M, or taken care of a market that no one else wants, like Danfo. The selection process considers a number of factors that include profitability, innovation, marketing and employment. The companies are wholly or partly owned by the recipients of the medal. The recipients are nominated by members of the Society, often with local ties and knowledge of industry in their respective regions, such as provincial governors.

The winners of this year’s Trade & Industry Medal are:
Stefan Persson, H&M, Stockholm
Filippa Knutsson, Filippa K, Stockholm
Erik and Mats Paulsson, Peab and other companies, Stockholm and Förslöv, respectively Bengt Liljedahl, Liljedahl Group, Värnamo
Stefan Mattsson, Mattsson Group, Uddevalla
John Olov Bennmarker, Aven Bolagen, Hudiksvall
Ove Danielsson, Danfo, Nora
Bertil Eklund, TePe Munhygienprodukter, Malmö
Annette Beijer and Thomas Hedberg, Titan Television, Stockholm

The Royal Patriotic Society has supported the development of Swedish industry since the 18th century. The medals that are awarded are made of gold and the first size carries a yellow-green ribbon and is called the Trade & Industry Medal – “Medal for notable achievements in Swedish industry.”

The medals will be awarded at 5:00 pm today in the House of the Nobility in Stockholm.

For additional information and photographs, contact:
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