A family-owned corporate group

Today, Liljedahl Group has seven wholly-owned holdings and is principal owner of the listed company Bufab. Liljedahl Group has seen profitable growth since it was founded in 1982.

Wholly-owned company

Finnvedens Bil

Finnvedens Bil with several plants is the market leader within its sales areas.

Wholly-owned company

Finnvedens Lastvagnar

Finnvedens Lastvagnar is Sweden’s largest private dealer of Volvo trucks.

Wholly-owned company


Pronect is a market leading technology trading group with sales in the Nordic and Baltic regions.

Wholly-owned company

Hörle Wire Group

Hörle Wire Group is a leading dealer of wire and wire Products in the Nordic region and Europe.

Wholly-owned company

Elcowire Group

Elcowire Group manufactures copper wire rods and further processed aluminium and copper wire. The company is a market leader in Europe in the area of technology for the electrification of railways.

Wholly-owned company

Dahrén Group

Dahrén Group is the leading supplier in Europe of copper and aluminium winding wire for generators, transformers and motors.

Wholly-owned company

Liljedahl Group Fastigheter

Liljedahl Group Fastigheter manages and develops the Group's property portfolio.

Partially-owned companies


Bufab is a market leading supplier of components and services that create added value for customers by simplifying and streamlining the purchasing chain for C-Parts. 

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