We own in order to develop

Liljedahl Group's holdings run their business strategically and are financially independent of each other and decisions are made as close to the respective market as possible, a managerial model that promotes entrepreneurship.

We are driven by the pleasure of finding new ways and making our companies better and better.

If we as a company wish to operate in society for generations, taking social responsibility is a natural course of action. Our way of working is sustainable; this is fundamental for us. This means that all our holdings have to be good employers and good suppliers, customers and members of society. Our investments must boost earnings, the working environment and surrounding environment.

Today we see many opportunities and challenges on the market. The entire automotive industry is in a state of flux, with new technology and new business models. The automotive industry is also undergoing change with online factories and digitised processes, which raises expectations of our technology trading operations to drive forward and lead the way for customers to new and effective solutions. Our industrial companies operate in an extremely competitive global market, and must therefore continue to design their structures and develop their processes so that they become as efficient as possible.

We will continue to be a small, agile holding company which dares to take decisions that are best for our businesses in the long run.

Bengt Liljedahl
Chairman of the Board

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