Liljedahl Group Fastigheter

Liljedahl Group Fastigheter manages and develops the Group's property portfolio.

Liljedahl Group Fastigheter | Wholly-owned company

Net sales, SEK M

23 properties

Number of employees

Its own portfolio of 23 properties and total leasable area of approximately 220,000 square metres account for the majority of the Group's property needs.

Owned properties and a separate property organisation ensure an efficient and flexible process for adapting premises to the respective needs of the business both in terms of new production and in the event of renovations.

Market-based terms in the internal group lease agreements ensure good maintenance and good opportunities to meet the needs of the Group with regard to premises in both the long and short term.

The need for new premises and those that are more tailored to specific businesses continues to be high. Liljedahl Group Fastigheter works continuously to evaluate the best construction techniques and new geographical locations for new production.


Jonas Hallberg

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