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Hörle Wire Group

Hörle Wire Group is a leading dealer of wire and wire Products in the Nordic region and Europe.

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Hörle Wire Group | Wholly-owned company

490 Net sales, SEK M

Hörle Wire


Hörle Wire


Huesecken Wire


139 Number of employees

Hörle Wire Group is a leading supplier of wire and wire products in the Nordic region and Europe.

Hörle Wire Group consist of the companies Hörle Wire AB (Sweden), Hörle Wire s.r.o. (Slovakia) and Huesecken Wire GmbH (Germany).

Hörle Wire Group supplies wire and wire products for a large number of applications.

Flat rolled wire is used, for example, in cremone bolts, in lock housings for windows and doors, for shop and kitchen fittings, as well as in furniture manufacturing.

Galvanised armouring wire protects the conductor in land and submarine cables used for power transmission and data communication.

Bare wire is used in applications such as storage solutions and shop and kitchen fittings.

Packaging and baling wire is used in recycling and in the paper pulp industry.

Fine wire of various dimensions is bent into staples of different sizes and used in construction, furniture and packaging manufacturing, as well as in printing works.


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