Good business and fair play

Liljedahl Group AB is a family company which owns in order to develop. We want to be a long-term and responsible owner, employer and business partner.


We want to create stable conditions for our holdings to enjoy profitable growth in the long term.

We focus on where our companies will be in a long-term perspective, and we have no set time-limit for our ownership.

Our financial stability gives us independence and room for manoeuvre. This enables us to support our holdings in times of both success and adversity.


We own in order to develop. We are driven by the pleasure of finding new ways and making our companies better and better.

We are active, committed owners. We get to know our holdings, their market and their strategic requirements so that we dare to take decisions that are best for our businesses in the long run.

We exercise our ownership through clear ownership directives and active involvement on boards, on the basis of a small, agile holding company.


We are a family company. We want to earn our reputation by behaving appropriately and working in harmony with society around us.

We also want to be a good employer. We have great respect for the employees in our companies, and want to take responsibility for making their jobs cost-effective, enjoyable and secure.

Our customers, suppliers and partners are important to us, and together with them we want to conduct good business in a spirit of fair play.

Code of Conduct

The Liljedahl Group Code of Conduct can be read about in this document:

Code of Conduct

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