Stable platform for growth

Liljedahl Group is a family-owned group of companies with a focus on business development that generates value for the holdings. The owner company's strong capital base provides a stable platform.

Liljedahl Group's management model is based on a decentralised decision-making structure, with great respect for the sector expertise within each holding. Decisions are made as close to the respective market as possible, by committed company managers who have total responsibility for their business.

The holding company is not involved in any operational decisions.

Managing with ownership directives

In all holdings, the holding company appoints a committed and professional board of directors, including external members and representatives of the holding company.

The owners and boards get to know the holdings, their market and their strategic requirements in depth. This creates the competence that is required to support the strategic development of these companies.

Effective owner support

Liljedahl Group has a small and cost-effective organisation, which focuses on value growth in the holdings.

Liljedahl Group takes responsibility for overall, Group-wide issues such as certain legal and financial issues. A coherent strategy in these areas contributes to security and efficiency in the holdings.

Liljedahl Group can also produce analyses and documentation for the managements and boards of the individual holdings, and offer support for acquisitions within existing holdings.

Liljedahl Academy offers development for employees of the holdings. The joint training efforts for managers and regular CEO meetings are forums for exchanging ideas and knowledge.

Responsible entrepreneurship

At the heart of our ownership is the embedding of shared principles in the companies.

Liljedahl Group will work responsibly and in harmony with society around us. All employees and board members must play their part in ensuring that the Liljedahl Group companies are perceived as reliable and responsible businesses.

Liljedahl Group works in accordance with good ethical practice and complies with the local laws in countries where the holdings operate. Each holding, like the holding company, has its own core values, the content of which matches its own operations.

Towards greater sustainability

The business is run in close consultation with business partners, employees and other parties that affect or are impacted by business activities in Liljedahl Group.

Each holding must work towards increased sustainability in terms of growth. This means that the company must:

  • Be profitable in order to create the conditions for sustainable business approach in the long-term.
  • Work to minimise the environmental impact of the company's operations.
  • Work towards achieving a fair and equal working environment for employees.
  • Conduct itself in an ethical manner towards customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.
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