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Bufab is a leading supplier of components and services for the global manufacturing industry.

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Bufab | Partially-owned company

3,786  Net sales, SEK M

41 operative
in 27 countries

1,177 Number of employees

Bufab is an international retailer with operations in 27 countries. The company has a strong position in Europe and Asia. USA is a growth market. Most of its customers are global companies in all types of manufacturing industries.

Bufab shares are listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm under the abbreviation 'BUFAB'.

Global Parts Productivity™

Bufab is a retailer offering a one-stop solution as a Supply Chain partner for purchasing, quality assurance and logistics of C-parts (screws, nuts, washers, etc.).

The Global Parts Productivity™ offering helps customers focus on their core business by improving quality, achieving faster and more secure deliveries, reducing overall costs and releasing more capital.

Over 140,000 items are stored in roughly thirty warehouses around the world for quick and reliable deliveries. These items can be purchased from an extensive supplier base consisting of several thousand suppliers across Europe and Asia.

In addition to its retail business, Bufab also runs three of its own production plants for particularly technically demanding manufacturing of C-parts.


Jörgen Rosengren