Press release • 15/4/2010

Bengt Liljedahl, Liljedahl Group, receives Trade & Industry Medal for entrepreneurship

Bengt Liljedahl, owner and founder of the Liljedahl Group, will be awarded the Trade & Industry Medal by the Royal Patriotic Society of Sweden in a formal ceremony to be held in the House of the Nobility on April 15 in recognition of his prominent business accomplishments. The medal will be awarded by Maud Olofsson, Sweden’s Minister for Enterprise and Energy. Keynote speaker at the ceremony will be Professor Ingvar Lundberg.

The medal is awarded every year to about 10 people who, on the basis of ownership interests, have created and developed companies and, accordingly, have worked for a better Sweden, which the Society has also done since 1772 when Gustav III signed the Society’s by-laws. The medals are awarded to honor the recipients for important long-term efforts and to inspire others.

The Society also supports humanistic and social science research and community causes. Medals and honorary endowments are also made in recognition of special work contributions.

The medal recipient’s comment on Trade & Industry Medal
“I am truly delighted to have been awarded the Trade & Industry Medal, and being recognized and honored in this way,” says Bengt Liljedahl.

Bengt Liljedahl has devoted purposeful and long-term efforts to the development of the Liljedahl Group, which is an international industrial and commercial group with operations in Europe and China. The industrial divisions manufacture and refine copper wire rods and refine steel wire rods. The commercial divisions sell and service machine tools, Volvo trucks and Volvo and Renault passenger cars. All companies in the Liljedahl Group occupy leading positions in their markets and represent strong brands.

The Head Office is situated in Värnamo and, after 27 years of business operations, annual sales amount to approximately SEK 8 billion, with about 1,300 employees.

“The Liljedahl Group adopts a long-term approach to enterprise, and to its relations with customers, suppliers and society. Sustainable development is important to the Group, as well as a strong financial solvency that secures our independence,” says Bengt Liljedahl.

Other recipients are Stefan Persson, H&M; Annette Beijer and Thomas Hedberg, Titan Television; Stefan Mattsson, the Mattsson Group; Filippa Knutsson, Filippa K; Erik and Mats Paulsson, Peab; John Olov Bennmarker, Aven Bolagen; Bertil Eklund, TePe Munhygienprodukter; and Ove Danielsson, Danfo.

For additional information, contact:
Bengt Liljedahl, +46 (0)370-693 880,
The Royal Patriotic Society, Marianne Reuterskiöld, +46 (0)8-611 1262, +46 (0)70-367 7646

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