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Press release 11/30/2018

LMT Group extends its platform – acquires PLM Group

LMT Group is a technology trading group and consists of the companies Ravema, with operations in Sweden, Norway and Finland, and Din Maskin, with operations in Sweden and Norway. The Group has around 185 employees and a turnover of around MSEK 900. In partnership with PLM Group, LMT Group will create a solid and strong platform as a basis for the company's future competitiveness.

PLM Group is Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks' largest partner within product innovation software in northern Europe with over 5,000 industrial customers in the Nordics and Baltic countries. PLM Group has also resold 3D printing machines from 3D Systems, HP and MarkForged since 2014. PLM Group turns over around MSEK 350, has some 130 employees and more than 20 years of experience assisting its customers manufacture quality products in a faster and cost effective manner. For more information about PLM Group, go to

"The acquisition is in line with our strategy of investing in trading to industry, where technology issues and associated skills are at the core, it also opens the door to new product and market areas," says Jörgen Fredsson, CEO for LMT Group AB.

"In partnership with LMT Group, we can create and offer solutions for Industry 4.0 and digitisation for our customers," says Jan Lundström, CEO for PLM Group.

The companies in LMT Group are leaders in their field and deliver production solutions through machinery, automation, tools, industry consumables and the accompanying aftermarket for the Nordic manufacturing industry. The companies want to create unique value for customers and build long-term business relationships, as well as take total process responsibility. This is achieved by using leading products and suppliers such as Mazak, Hoffmann Group and Prima Power, and through skilled and creative employees.

As a long-term objective, LMT Group wishes to establish a broad and stable platform in the value-based technology trading sector. We can create scope and power for future growth in each company by establishing the group in various technology sectors with similar business ideas. This also increases our market presence and potential penetration in future growth areas such as 3D printing.

For more information, please contact:
Jörgen Fredsson, CEO of LMT Group, +46 (0)370 488 50

About LMT Group and Liljedahl Group
LMT Group consists of two companies; Ravema (Sweden, Norway and Finland) and Din Maskin (Sweden and Norway).

LMT Group is one of seven wholly owned holdings in the family-owned Liljedahl Group.
Liljedahl Group AB is also the largest owner in the listed company Bufab AB (publ).
The group has a total of 1,400 employees and a turnover of SEK 11 billion.

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